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On The Run On The Run

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Don't have too much to say about this really. It's excellent. If I was going to get extremely nitpicky, I don't love the sound that comes in at 1:13 (a bit nasal/jarring?) but that really is just personal taste and nothing much to do with the overall piece. Synthesised strings sound great and the song builds up perfectly. Tense and with a sense of foreboding throughout - the more uplifting melodies/sections at 02:18 add a sense of exhilaration. Section changes are really nicely done and the piece is extremely dynamic... really not much else to say, just great work!

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cadence1 responds:

Thanks for the review. That nasal/jarring bit is interesting :) I'm glad that you liked it overall. Especially nice to hear that the section changes are nicely done, because I spent lots of time fine-tuning them. It seem like it was time well-spent then! :)
Thanks again for the review.

Last Battle [exp] Last Battle [exp]

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

I really like this, especially where it kicks in 0:54 onwards. It has an uplifting feel to it, and the rhythms are peaceful but engaging. Really lovely melodic ideas in here, such as the one at 01:20 (don't agree with poster saying it sounds "foreign" at all!). There are points here where the track really comes together and feels solid, such as at 2:28, but at other points it sounds a little "artificial," which is always an issue when using synthesised orchestral instruments, e.g at 0:37. The beginning also doesn't have quite the same cohesiveness as the song does after you bring in the more obviously electronic instruments. I think generally doing some research on how to get the best sound out of synthesised orchestral instruments, technique-wise as well as in terms of patches, will really help if you decide to take this kind of experimentation further. Really good work!

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Demonic-Overmind responds:

yes, I agree with those 'artificial' sounding orchestral instruments as well, I didn't research much on composing synthesized orchestral stuff, I'll do more research on it while composing tracks from now on.

Thanks a lot for everything you mentioned here. Glad you like it. :)

UltraMX - Clear Acid UltraMX - Clear Acid

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Really like the sound that comes in at 0:38, very dark. The overall mood is very discordant and jarring, but that was probably what you were going for right? Even so, I think some of the sounds clash perhaps too much e.g 02:20, and 2:10, as they kind of send the listener too far "out" of the piece. Other sounds, such as the one immediately following it at 2:30 fits a lot better. Overall, I feel there could be work done to make all the sounds mesh together more nicely, but the bits that do fit really work.

UltraMX responds:

Thanks for the review! I still have the flp, so i will edit the parts you mentioned. I made all my synths monophonic, so that's maybe why.